Posted by: mrtweeds | June 18, 2006

future plans…

well, i’ve been fiddling around a bit more on the blog and i’m getting it closer to where i want it to be.

i’ve decided that i need to start a list of projects that i’d like to complete (ideally) while i’m on summer break. one big one is a scrapbook for the past year, especially considering i haven’t scrapped a single page for anything that’s happened since molly’s birthday. whoops. but i have to order photos first, then (considering how many supplies i have) i should be able to at least make a dent.

after that, who knows? i’d like to continue to get some painting done, as well as some random crafting…i like some of the stuff i’ve been doing, but i need to find motivation/time to get some more accomplished. i’ve decided that i need to make all that more of a priority.

that’s about all i have to say at the moment…i’m going to try to post a picture of something i worked on over the weekend, but not tonight.



  1. hello! love the new blog. i’m still trying to figure out how to reply to people’s comments. not sure if it’s possible.

    we loved whipple city festival. especially the ghetto tigers. and that is all i have to say about that.

  2. what can i say…where you go, i go! i figured this way i’ll be more likely to remember to check your updates, too. and i can reply. so that’s good.

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