Posted by: mrtweeds | June 21, 2006

since it’s been given….

the present: wax, acrylic and antique book page on cotton canvas
the card: paper, ink and pastel
inside: stamped textured paper

i thought i’d share the anniversary present i made for the magowans….it was their 2nd anniversary and the traditional gift is cotton (i think…god, i hope so, at this point…) so i painted a church on a lovely little canvas (thus the cotton aspect of the gift).

i think it turned out pretty well…i was happy with it for the most part, anyway. i didn’t realize it while i was doing it, but i like how the clouds turned out to look like wings. they were a bit of an experiment, actually, because i didn’t use any paint in them, i just used the build up of wax.

i know the texture etc doesn’t come across in photos, but i do like the look/feel of the wax. it adds a very translucent quality to it.

it was kind of weird to give it to them since it’s the first time i’ve ever given a piece of art art to someone other than william. william doesn’t count…i’m basically the grown up spouse equivilant of molly: he has to like it because i made it. signs and stuff are one thing because i know whether or not i made the lettering well, but something that’s much more subjective than this makes me nervous and less sure of myself.

anyway, that is the magowan anniversary present…i must admit i chuckeled a little bit when we thought up that this could be their “cotton” because now they have to find wall space to hang one more thing! o well…i wish them luck with that. i’m still looking for a good spot to hang the one i did for william, never mind a frame!



  1. we absolutely love the painting!!! we might hang it in the new bedroom, or perhaps the hallway. eventually we want to have lots of artwork in the hallway. and personally, i am honored that we are the first people to be gifted a piece of your artwork from outside the family. thank you again!!!

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