Posted by: mrtweeds | July 4, 2006

god bless the rupert "tailgate fleamarket"

on saturday molly, my parents and i went to something my mother discovered: the “tailgate fleamarket”. it was at a little tiny church in rupert, vt, and while at first glance pickins were slim, i actually did pretty well!

i got an old wooden folding chair, 2 books, a “knit this” kit with 6 skeins of yarn, buttons and some sparkly dangly disks, a set of 4 red and white enamalware basins (i gave one to my mom) and (at another flea market in salem…and my favorite) a red box that says “toolbox” on it in white paint. all this…for (are you ready?) $16!!!! i was very, very pleased with myself.

the basins have already been repurposed in the entryway cleanup of ’06 (see previous entry) and are holding hats, leashes and misc. junk.

the toolbox (appropriately enough) has also found a home in the entryway to hold…tools! it’s just the right size to hold my little containers of brads, collection of assorted screws and hanging hardware as well as a couple of paintbrushes.

i haven’t quite figured out exactly where the folding chair is going to end up, but i think that once we redo the sunroom it could definately find a home there and who knows when i’ll get around to the knitting and books, but overall i’m very happy with my haul.

i love fleamarkets.



  1. so jealous that you got to go to a cool flea market. i am in LOVE with the toolbox. it’s too cute! also, everything was a total STEAL. you are so good at bargains. i bow down to you.

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