Posted by: mrtweeds | July 8, 2006

today was my parents’ anniversary, so i made them a card. i wasn’t entirely happy with it, but that was mostly due to my lack of proper supplies. i wasn’t happy with the blue paper (clouds would have been much better than…bubbles?) but overall i guess it turned out well enough.

on the front: pastel clouds, cut paper posts, embroidery thread line and paper socks.

the most exciting thing by far this weekend is that my loving husband woke up early and, while his 2 girls were sleeping in, tackled the ridiculousness that was our sunroom.
now, the sunroom at one point was actually a barn type structure attatched to our house. over the years it’s been worked on here and there and now it’s a pretty nice 3 season room. it is not insulated, however, and at the state it’s in right now it needs some pretty significant work. we had been basically ignoring it since we moved in, using it as recycling storage. it was the perfect place to store obnoxiously large cardboard boxes etc that we didn’t feel like carting to the recycling center. well, one thing led to another and it sort of got out of control, but william took care of it all this morning, and now we have a lovely (almost) empty room to start remodeling.

this is a shot of the current door, one of the projects at hand. we want to plug that doorway up and put it on the other side of the room so it can be accessed more easily (and maybe eventually become the regular way into the house, if we’re good/patient enough) from the driveway. at the moment it’s hung badly and not at all weatherproof, so one way or another it’s got to go.

the old chimney also has to be pulled down and the ceiling replaced…but maybe i can recycle the bricks to make a pathway to our new door!

we’ve also been in discussions about what to do about the floor. it’s been covered with a number of rather hideous layers of linoleum, and we just assumed that they covered plywood. imagine our suprise (and excitement) when we peeled those layers back and saw this:

the linoleum did not cover plywood, it covered wide plank pine!! obviously it would need to be refinished (badly) but i think we’re just going to clean it up and paint it a nice bright white. i’m really excited about it. not only will it save us money (and allow us to spend it in other places) but i love the idea of a painted pine floor. the space is going to be used as a workspace for me, play space for baby girl and a good spot for the animals to congregate that is not under our feet, so something that easy to care for would be perfect. and eventually we can put a rug down and make it even cozier!

i’m really excited about the possibilities for this room…now i just have to figure out what color i want to paint it (obviously, because that’s the stage we’re at)…martha stewart green? a warm creamy yellow? the possibilities are endless!



  1. aaaaaaaaak!!! that is so great to hear about the floor!!! (i knew you would win the argument re: painted flooring…it all worked out)

    very very cool. and i love the card!

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