Posted by: mrtweeds | July 11, 2006

let them eat…blackberries!

over the weekend (and despite the bugs) i noticed that our blackberry bushes were producing a huge amount of yumminess so (despite the bugs) we all went outside and picked blackberries! we probably got a couple of pints, if you include all the berries molly ate as soon as i put them in the basket, which is impressive!

we’ve been eating them for desert for the last few nights and they are delish…i can’t wait to go out and pick the rest (despite the bugs).

and you may notice that the berries are resting on some pretty fabric (and here is the crafty portion for today)…that’s the $1.50 fabric i picked up for molly’s (eventual) dress. it’s pink and has little tiny fireflies on it. it’s very cute, although it was hard for me to pass up all the adorable flannel. maybe if this dress goes well i can go back and make one for winter!

that’s all for today!



  1. super sweet fabric!!! there are so many good sales going on right now. it is making me crazy.

    i’m pretty sure that we also have blackberry bushes, but they hang over the water, so it would be pretty dangerous to try to pick them.

    and i found a snake in my garden yesterday. i can’t deal. and a frog. but i like frogs, so that’s ok.

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