Posted by: mrtweeds | July 16, 2006

remember me, etsy?

i finally got myself in gear and posted my foam heads sculpture on etsy last night. i finished painting it/them on friday afternoon (while avoiding doing other work that was actually necessary), had a photo shoot while the baby girl was taking a nap and then actually got around to putting the photos up after work.

i’m curious to see the response…i think i priced it a bit high, but as william said, “it’s art. people expect to pay a bit more.” i may be bringing the price down, but we’ll see.

i entitled it “skybluepink” because apparently (just like “toasted cheese”) not everyone in the world grew up knowing that that’s what you call a pretty sunset sky.

anyway, if you’re interested in checking out all the gory details, here you go: skybluepink


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