Posted by: mrtweeds | July 26, 2006

berry picking…does it get better than this?

this morning molly and i went blueberry picking…i’d forgotten how much fun it is! molly loved it, of course…i mean, what could be better than walking along and popping fresh blueberries into your mouth? but the bushes were just dripping with berries, and they were nice and sweet with just a little bit of tartness to them. just the way i like them! i’m not sure what i’ll make with them yet (if they even make it that far and don’t wind up in our bellies before i get a chance!) but either way, blueberry season is the best. we will definitely have to go back before it’s gone!

behold: the quest for the perfect berry…

yes! success!!

the fruits of our labors:

can you guess which container is mine and which is molly’s?



  1. I love Blueberries! We get them in abundance up here in the wilds of Northern Ontario.

    Last month,I finished off the frozen berries that hubby had picked last year by making some delicious Blueberry Crisp. Today, hubby and father-in-law are out picking more to re-stock the freezer. YUM!

    Molly looks like she quite enjoyed her blueberry picking. ^_^

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