Posted by: mrtweeds | July 26, 2006

garden update

since i wrote in an earlier post about my garden, i thought i’d put in an update as well. despite the off and on torrential downpours battling against the ridiculously hot and humid days that are in the 90’s, the garden is flourishing! as you can see, my herb garden has really taken off. the mint has grown especially well, and i must say that i’ve used the oregano much more than i expected (the mint is destined to be dried and used for tea this winter…but that doesn’t stop me from adding it to lemonade now)!

i spent a lot of time this spring cleaning out the area by our driveway where we usually get perrineal wildflowers, and to be honest i was afraid i did a little too good of a job and that the flowers weren’t going to come back. well, no worries! the flowers are blooming now in a mass of pink, white, purple flowersand orange lilies!

and you may or may not remember my orphan flower project: i grabbed a half dead hanging plant and some other rejects from the compost pile at work and decided to give them a second chance at life. was it worth it? i certainly think they’re thriving (and not bad for a completely free flower display!) but i’ll let you decide:


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