Posted by: mrtweeds | August 15, 2006

the on-going sunroom project

well, as promised, here are some more photos of the progress. this is the old door before:

and this is after:
door? what door?

here’s the awesome slate and countertop i snagged, too. we know the medium piece of slate will go under the gas stove when that gets moved, but i’m not sure where the larger piece will go. and i’m busily imagining what sort of awesome workbench i can create out of the old labratory countertop. whatever it is, it’s going to have to be butch, because that thing is heavy! (it’s the long, black piece behind the 2 pieces of slate).

this saturday we’re having a work party and a couple of guys are coming over (as well as my mother in law to watch baby girl so i can work too). we’re hoping to get the sections of the cieling replaced and put in the new sink cabinet in. (hopefully) we’ll also patch the floor and then we’ll be ready to paint!!

the slate actually decided my paint color for me…i was wavering between a sagey green and martha stewart “batterbowl green” which is actually a pretty almost robin’s egg blue (vintage robin’s egg, anyway), but it turns out the blue looks MUCH better than the green, so that made things easier. it will flow better with the kitchen, which is a cobalt blue, too.


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