Posted by: mrtweeds | August 30, 2006


well, i’m not saying it’s completely done, but it’s close enough! here is my (practically) finished sunroom/craft room/place of relaxation!

one of the things i’m proudest of is the fact that as far as decorating goes (aside from paint) i spent a grand total of $16, and that’s on the little rug by the door. the wardrobe cabinet you see here i got in ct at an estate sale years ago. i painted it white and i’m going to put shelves in it to house my piles of supplies (fabric, paper, scrapping stuff). the rocking chair i stole from parents and painted a pale lavender, and the idea board in the back i made when i worked at longwharf. it’s a gorgeous antique looking fabric with pretty blue ribbon….now i’ve just got to put some ideas on it!

here’s a view (complete with directions to flat hill farm…keep going, you’re almost there!) of another freebie…this little dresser now houses my yarn stash. absurd, i know, but it’s not completely full. yet.

and my awesome desk!! cost=$0. that’s right. reclaimed slate countertop and 2 old antique sewing machine bases. how sweet is that? i’m super excited to start using it.

here’s molly’s station…i got this table at the church yard sale in the spring for $3, and the old map (which yes, does pull down and role up)is on indefinate loan from my mom…she saved it from the trash at school. it has terms like “isthmus” and “strait” clearly identified, along with ridiculously outdated country identifications.

and you may or may not remember how hideously ugly the base of the old chimney was, but i was super clever and used old shutters not only to block it in (the tall ones are hinged and operate as a door) but i can clothespin all of molly’s works of art and other pieces of inspiration to them too! it will actually house all our recycling bins once we finish the shelving, which is perfect. out of sight yet incredibly convienient. super score!

anyway, i’m super excited. i’ve been hanging out there a lot and reading while molly plays. the dog and cats have been having turf wars a bit to see who can lay claim to the sunny spots first, but you know who the winner is? ME, baby, ME!


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