Posted by: mrtweeds | October 4, 2006

and this is what i WILL be working on

i just received my order from reprotdepot and i am sooo excited. i have been browsing their site for years and finally just went ahead and ordered some of that very cute fabric that i’m always drooling over…and i’m so glad i did. the bees were even on sale! it’s going to be a cozy (aka blanket) for molly. i generally am afraid to order fabric on line because i’m convinced that the colors will be completely wrong and/or it will end in disaster…but not this time!

the bee fabric (and ladybug too, mind you) will be the top and the red and white the underside. i figure i’ll fill it with some flannel to make it extra cozy (because you all know you like that) and it will be a perfect little snuggle cozy for her. i’m sure she won’t be as excited about it as i already am, but hey, at least one of us is all giggly! aw, who am i kidding? she’s always giggly.

i can’t wait to put it all together. it’s going to be very simple because i got just enough fabric to do it (no margin of error here, people) but i’m hoping to do some cute quilting with it to make it a bit more impressive. i’ll be sure to post the finished product!



  1. Sweet fabric.

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