Posted by: mrtweeds | October 15, 2007


who am i pleased with, you may ask? why myself, of course. not only have i completed christmas shopping for four (count them FOUR) people on my list, i am absurdly pleased with how my crafting came out.

when it comes to gifts for my father and brother i am usually at a loss…until this year. i found some “yukon king” adventure trading cards in the house when we moved in, and not only are they hysterical, i have multiples of almost all of them. they are apparently from an old 1950’s tv show about a mountie named sgt preston and his trusty companion, a husky named “yukon king”. while i myself have never seen this show, apparently he got into quite a few adventures up there in the yukon territory and they were recorded on these trading cards….which somehow ended up in my house. i decided to frame some for my father and brother and they came out wonderfully.

the first is for my father. i went for a mountie theme.

here’s a close up of one of the cards:

and this is the text from the back:

ah, sgt. preston. what will you get into next?

the second is for my brother. since he’s an outdoorsy type of guy i went for the rough living dangers of the yukon:

this frame has a card about vicious grizzlies and the dangers of going to the butchers. you can’t make this stuff up.

i mounted the cards with the 3-d mounting tape so they actually pop off of the background. the background is a deep burgandy mat board, which actually sets the reds in the cards of nicely. i’m glad i did it that way because the cards really look nice with that bit of shadow behind them.

sweet…2 (usually difficult) christmas presents down. i am now ready for a cup of tea.


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