Posted by: mrtweeds | November 27, 2007

les albums des grandmeres

i’m not sure why i feel it necessary to refer to these in french, but i seem to in any case.

these are a few of the pages i’ve gotten done for the alphabet scrapbooks that i plan on giving to the grandmothers for christmas. each letter describes baby boy in some way (as evidenced below). i’m actually whipping through them quicker than anticipated, so it shouldn’t be that much of a push to finish them in time, which is exciting. i have a few more photos to take, but over all i think i’m ahead of the game.

this is one of my favorite pages: B is for Bruiser. because he was such a beast when born, the nurses all started calling him bruiser, and what can i say, the name stuck.

he is also one of the cuddliest babies i’ve ever met, and while he would prefer to cuddle on a real live human being, his stuffed rat sharky is a welcome substitute, even while asleep. and then of course he’s obsessed with playing with/attempting to eat his feet:

and then “i is for intelligent” (self explanatory, i should imagine) and “t is for ten pounds, two ounces.”

if i come up with any more pages that i’m particularly pleased with i’ll post them too! in the meantime, i’ve finished molly’s blanket, made a cuddle bug for finn for christmas out of recycled sweaters etc (although i’m still working on some design issues..i’m not entirely happy with it, but hopefully it will get there) and finishing up the christmas card. is that it, you say? yes, yes it is.


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