Posted by: mrtweeds | December 13, 2007

gone to pot

so, in an effort to get out of the house and accomplish something other than errands, i had the idea that i wanted to take a class. or something. and then pottery came to mind and a few months later…voila! my mom, heather, and i are taking classes at a local potter’s studio. it’s tons of fun, and after only 12 hours of class we’ve not only learned how to throw in general, but we’ve made mugs (cylindar based), bowls, and plates.

as you can see, real potters get clay all over themselves.

here i am shaping plate #2…

and here is heather with the combined fruits of our labors last night…and no, the mug in the foreground was not made by any of us. maybe after the next round of classes…

overall, though, we’ve all made more than 10 pieces, which i consider impressive. we’re in the trimming process now, which is harder than you’d think, and next week we finish trimming and then glaze for our last two classes. then pottery for everyone!


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