Posted by: mrtweeds | January 17, 2008

what do i do with…?

the thing with me is this: i don’t just collect photographs, i collect stuff. stuff from places i go, people i meet, and random things that i come across and deem absolutely impossible to pass by and/or part with. and when it comes to kids and babies this sort of stuff piles up faster than you would even believe. so what to do? well, first start off with something utilitarian. say, a clipboard. but what do when faced with a plain jane office clipboard?

why, something fabulous, of course!

here’s round one of the clipboard collection. i plan on making one for baby girl as soon as i find a shade of paint i like, but i’m not only happy with the way it all came out, i’m happy with the possibilities…

basically the run-down is this: i took a plain clipboard and painted it with latex paint, about 3 coats. it dried very quickly between coats, so it didn’t take long at all (which, in my life, is a good thing). when it was all dried i sanded the edges.

then i gathered up a favorite photo of the bug, some of the various keepsakes that have been floating around the house for the last 6 months, some scrapbook paper and various other supplies and started trying things out.

i ended up using some rub on letters for the bottom accent, which i overlapped onto some of the paper. the hat and rattle are held in place by two pieces of yarn tied tightly.

i like how this part came out…i took his i.d. bracelet from the hospital and an old, old safety pin i found in my grandmother’s sewing basket and attached it to the hat that they put on him when he was born.

i scratched into the photo with the edge of my scissors to make the “frame”, then since there was a lovely space in the bottom corner, ended up drawing a heart and scratching in the word “love.” i think it goes very well not only with the papers i chose (vintage prints), but also the aging on the clipboard and the overall look of the piece.

i’m hoping to do some general layouts and put them up on etsy at some point as well. easy to customize again and again!


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