Posted by: mrtweeds | February 4, 2008


my goodness, i had an incredibly productive (and inspiring) weekend, artsy-wise. i got tons of new supplies, which always helps, but more importantly, i had time to actually attack all those new projects i had in my head.

my first project was the recycled paper tote bag. i had seen these on dharma and immediately knew what i wanted to do…this:

viva la revolucion, humans! i used metallic acrylics so it has a lovely shine to it. my sketch was better and unfortunately i wasn’t looking at it when i did the painting, but i have another tote and if this one sells i’ll do better next time. the bag is pretty cool by itself, but it’s perfect for playing with.

next up, a $1.00 box i got at ac moore. what to do, what to do?

o yes, a beauty shrine. it’s meant as a reminder to find beauty all around you, but darn it, it’s just fun to look at. it was a lot of fun to make, too. i’ve got an antique button, antique jack, some sparklies, a vintage slide frame with a stamped image, and a chipboard B for beauty (and a reminder to just be). that’s for sale on etsy too…i put it up last night and i’ve already got over 30 hits! score! now i just need to have someone buy it….

and this one was to keep…a simple, simple collage which i made while william watched the game. it was lots of fun to make and play around with (and a great use for some of those scrapbooking papers that i have piled up):

molly never met a book she didn’t read. it’s about 5 1/2″ wide by 8 1/2″ tall and i’m quite happy with it. i’ve got to get a mat/frame for it. i’m also thinking of one for finn so i can have a little set. maybe i’ll make one for each of us…how cute would a whole family portrait/set be? hmmm, now that would be cute…


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