Posted by: mrtweeds | February 6, 2008

a few more things

i’m on a role, people! i finished up 2 more projects, so here they are.

i actually sewed up this blanket awhile ago, but there were a couple spots where the fabric had wrinkled and i was unhappy with, so this afternoon i finally dug out the right thread and fixed it. i then promptly put it up on my etsy shop, but i’m not sure how big of a seller it will be. o well, that’s the beauty of this stuff…someone’s always going to have a baby so i can just give it as a gift at a shower at some point if it doesn’t sell!

the fabric is super sweet reproduction prints from the 1950’s. it’s nice and thick, too, since i put in a double layer of batting. quilted with variegated cotton thread.

and then i played with fusible webbing for the first time yesterday (how pathetic is that?) and i am in love. i had this fantastic canvas bag from dharma trading company which i decided to doll up with some fancy-dancy circles.

i am in love with the way this one came out, and it was so easy. i just used some fabric from my stash (i knew those fat quarters would come in handy), some cute buttons, and voila!

the colors and patterns were fun to play with, and then i have more of that o so wonderful colorful variegated thread on a zig zag stitch. usually it bugs me when my stitches aren’t perfect (which is why i tend to stay away from sewing) but i like the imperfection of it this time.

i also frayed the edges of the circles. i thought it went well with the roughness of the undyed canvas.

and now on to the next project(s)!


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