Posted by: mrtweeds | April 3, 2008

work in progress

i’m playing around again with the textured mixed media painting. i did this a few years ago for a few pieces and i’ve gotten back around to it. i’m a little less abstract this time around and i think i’m happy with the way it’s working out.

so here’s step one (or as close to it as i bothered to take photos): i took an old barn board (notice the knot hole at the top of the board) and covered it with tissue paper, taking care to wrinkle and crinkle it for texture. i just used modge-podge for this step. next i put some gesso and metallic paint over the tissue paper for a background layer. check out that texture!

you can also see gatsby contemplating jumping up on it and ruining it. please also note how my workdesk is still relatively under control.

it looks like a total mess, doesn’t it? well, it is, but it’s a mess with a pupose.

this is when i started getting into the painting phase. the great part about this is there’s no worries…if you end up hating a paint color that you put on, just paint over it and it will just give more depth to everything. you can see i’ve defined the fields and the sky much more clearly now.

aaaand here’s some more. at this point i’ve added a fence in a V shape which disappears in the middle of the painting to give it some focus. note the deterioration of the desk.

see the two birds sitting on the fence? i never thought i could draw birds, but it turns out i can. the fence was done in a combo of pencil, ink, and paint. i’ve since added more ink and made them all a bit darker.

i still thought it was lacking something, so i started writing (okay, scrawling) little poems in the field. in the end most of them have been completely covered and you can’t really see them, but trust me, they’re there.

and then a bit of sparkle, which really doesn’t show up unless the light hits it right:

i’m pretty close to being done, i think, but i have to let it go for a few days before i start staring at it again.

materials used: barn board, tissue paper, gesso, cheap acrylic paint, ink, graphite, glitter. all applied with a paint knife.



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