Posted by: mrtweeds | July 27, 2008

birthday tutu for scout

i’ve often wondered what my loving daughter was going to do to rebel since i’ve got no problem with blue hair, piercings, etc. well, at (almost) 4 years old she’s figured it out: princesses and barbies. she informs me on a regular basis that sleeping beauty/cinderella/barbie is her FAVORITE.
so, since birthday number 4 is fast approaching (for which she wants a beautiful princess cake) i have decided to cave. sort of. because part of her princess facination is dress up, and, ex-theatre person that i am, i can understand the attraction to that. so i decided that her present from us should be a dress up trunk which, yes, will include princess-y type things.
i browsed around etsy to find a cool tutu and saw many promising options, but the more i browsed the more i thought “i can probably do that…i can most likely do that…i can definitely do that.” so i finally decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot. i ordered 2 yards each of mint, fushia, turquois, and lavendar tulle from baby i’m yours, and for a grand total of $13.67 (including shipping and handling) i got my supplies (ps, they also shipped SUPER fast…i got it in a couple of days!):
raw materials
raw materials

the mint is actually a nice bright color, although it doesn’t translate in the pics. turns out tulle is hard to photograph.

the first step was cutting it all up. i ended up doing it the easy way and just folding it into quarters and cutting away. this made the end product much too long (i think) so i’ll end up trimming it, but it took the headache of measuring away, so i was fine with that.
after everything was cut i started to sew it to the elastic waist band:
setp one

mint on the waist

at first i started pinning each section of the tulle (alternating the colors) but i quickly got tired of that (read: after doing it once) so i just fed/scrunched the tulle in as i sewed. that worked fine, and while not an exact science, it’s a tutu for god’s sake. relax.

sew, sew, sew, and…voila! tutu deliciousness! one thing that i did learn as i was going along was that it’s better to overlap the alternating colors otherwise it gets too chunky. i also overlaid the whole thing with one layer of the fushia tulle when i was all done to kind of unite all the colors. but i love the way it turned out!
pretty tutu front

pretty tutu front

i added a satin ribbon for the waist band and left it long enough to tie into a bow in the back to finish things off. now i just have to see if i can wait until her birthday to give it to her!

and a pretty bow in the back!



  1. Super cute and rainbow-y!!!

  2. That will go particularly well with a super duper magic wand!!!

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