Posted by: mrtweeds | August 7, 2008

the continuation of meatbagz

ah, yes, in case you didn’t get the idea from the subject line of this post, the meatbagz facination is far from over. in fact, if anything, it’s getting worse. kind of like a rash. but much more amusing, of course. that goes without saying, right? riiiiight.
anyway, mackenzie and i are moving into the next stage of mission meatbagz: taking over the world. we (and by “we” i do mean mack and heather) are taking the show on the road and taking meatbagz to a farmers’ market on friday afternoon. SO in preparation for the big event, we had to get ourselves together.
first off, we invested in these awesome fabric labels with our logo on them from jennifer’s jewels, a shop on etsy. we decided that it’s important and good karma to buy from other people on etsy, and wouldn’t you know, not only was she awesome to work with, she immediately bought a bag!
looks professional, doesn't it?
next up, hanging tags. we got these from the promo queen, also on etsy. we tied them on using jute and they look awesome. our motto is “use your meatbagz with pride”, along with our signature cow with crown.
in case you didn't know you were buying meatbagz.

in case you didn't know you were buying meatbagz.

and since the girls were going to be representing, of course t-shirts were necessary. not only does it proudly announce “meatbagz.”, but on the back we also have the motto and etsy address. here you can see mack proudly displaying her meatbagz. the cuts of egg is one of my favorites, i’ve decided.

it's a lifestyle.

meatbagz: it's a lifestyle.

all in all, i’d say we accomplished a good night’s work. we attached the labels and the hanging tags to our entire stock of meatbagz, as seen here.
that's a lotta meatbagz.
that’s a lotta meatbagz.

next up…actually selling some at the farmers’ market!


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