Posted by: mrtweeds | August 19, 2008

lookin’ good, underwood (and other photos)

so i’ve (still) been having fun with my camera and photoshop, and now i’ve turned my attention to non-child related photos.

my loving husband has a facination with underwood typewriters, and, as luck would have it, we own an underwood typewriter. it was my grandfather’s typewriter when he went to college up in newfoundland, and when we moved into the house there it sat. it’s gathered a bit of dust over the years (i’m not one to dust typewriters on a regular basis, i’m afraid) but the other day i dug it out and started snapping away.

one of the great things about old typewriters (at least from a photography perspective) is all the old gears and things that are visible. from a functional perspective i’m fairly sure you could lose the tip of your pinky if you’re not careful, but hey, who am i to judge?

i’m in love with the “old photo” effect from photoshop elements, which adds some graininess and sepia tones to the photos. you can’t tell so much from these small versions, but i had some 8×10’s printed for the office and i’m thrilled with the way they came out.

i also took a little trip to the town cemetary and took some photos. i always forget how cool the old section of the cemetary is.

here i reduced the saturation of the effect layer down so i could get some color in it. the aged photo effect is still there, but not as prominent.

this one is just plain old black and white, but i like how the sky (which was overcast) just goes completely white and acts as a backdrop for the aged marble.

and, finally, another cool grave marker that i had no idea existed. it’s funny how i’ve lived in this town more or less for most of my life, been through that cemetary probably a hundred times (it’s a nice place to walk and almost all of my family members who have passed are buried there) and yet walking around that day i saw a whole lot of things i’ve never noticed before. i’m glad i had my camera with me!

when i get my act together i’m going to put some of my shots up in my etsy shop, so it will be interesting to see how they’re recieved. if nothing else it gives me something to play around with when i should be doing something more productive.



  1. Lovely photos! I’ll need you to give me another course in Photoshop…I’ve managed to retain half of what you showed me the other night, but the rest is brain fizz.

  2. awesome!! those are beautiful and as always you’ve broken me out of my creative slump and given me an idea……

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