Posted by: mrtweeds | September 29, 2008

the kitchen is dead, long live the kitchen!

well, those paint colors i posted about the other day have made their way onto the walls of our kitchen, which, if you haven’t guessed it as of yet, is our current big remodelling project.
i must say, it’s pretty exciting. we’ve had a nice, deep blue and white color scheme since we moved in, but it was definitely time for a change. we’ve also decided that we don’t really clean, we remodel…because we seriously had not cleaned those cabinets in a loooong time. but now we have wonderfully clean NEW cabinets to neglect!
but i get ahead of myself. first, the color. isn’t it funny how your mood effects your color choices? maybe it’s just me, but i was looking for a more neutral color palette and fall was coming on and..well, this is where we ended up.


it's not all blue and white...

it's not always blue and white, you know.

i’m absolutely in love with these colors. the top is terrarium (i think) and the bottom is ginger palm (i also think). they warm up and calm down the space, not to mention making it feel nice and cozy and inviting. as my loving husband said, “i didn’t realize how sick i was of the blue until we painted over it”…and i agree wholeheartedly. it was time for a change.

now back to the cabinets. we were lucky enough to get some free cabinets when we moved in from a friend of my father’s who was remodelling a kitchen (he was a contractor) and while we totally appreciated the generous gift, they were old and a bit patched together (which we were reminded of when ripping them from the walls this weekend). on top of that, we were quickly reaching our limits with their actual usefulness: shelves were missing or busted, doors didn’t shut all the way anymore, drawers fell out onto childrens’ heads unexpectedly…you get the idea. here’s the old guard, now sitting forlorn and almost forgotten by the back door, waiting to be taken to the transfer station:

so long...

so long...

yep. that’s what they looked like.

but nooooow we not only have beautiful new cabinets, we have TONS more space! behold: 

space, space, and more space!

space, space, and more space!

ahhhh, just looking at that makes me feel all warm and tingly. the old corner cabinet we had…well, it wasn’t pretty. you’ll just have to trust me on this. you basically took your life into your hands when you tried to get out the olive oil. it was a bad scene.
but as exciting as all this space is, i think my favorite new feature, the absolute HEIGHT of excess and luxery, is this:
i may have a problem.

i may have a problem.

a TEA DRAWER. yes, that entire drawer is filled with my tea. okay, there are a couple of containers of coffee in there to keep the riff-raff happy,  but in all seriousness, the rest is tea. chai tea, winter white tea, apple tea, green tea, lipton tea, oolong tea, vanilla tea, ice wine tea…you name it, i’ve probably got it. in fact, i’m drinking tea RIGHT NOW!!

we’ve still got a big project in front of us, but it feels great to have gotten this much done during naptimes over the weekend. we’ve basically gotten everything but the new kitchen sink and built in dishwasher taken care of, but that will be a BIG project. we’ve got to rip out and basically re-build that whole wall, not to mention whatever bizarre and unexpected problems will come up with that. but for now, we’re enjoying our 3/4s of a new kitchen!
come have a seat and a cup of tea (i've got plenty).

come have a seat and a cup of tea (i've got plenty).



  1. YAY! I need to stop by sometime and check it out!!

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