Posted by: mrtweeds | October 3, 2008

barns, barns, everywhere…and almost all in disrepair.

yesterday i decided that it would be a good day to take a drive and take some photos. the weather was really interesting…one minute it’d be completely overcast, the next the sun would break through the clouds and it would be gorgeous. in short, it was a classic autumnal day.

this is the view on the back way to my parents’ house. it’s actually three photos that i fit together in photoshop using the “landscape” option. i also replaced the sky on the right hand side of the photograph because it was completely whited out…one half was overcast and the other was beautiful and blue. needless to say, it looked faker than a retouched photo would. i’ve still got some work to do on it, but it’s been a fun project.
the daily commute.

the daily commute.

not too shabby a view, is it. not that you can see it from this picture, but to the left you can overlook the whole village. it’s a beautiful spot, and i’m extremely jealous of the people who built their house on the hill just a bit behind and to the left of where i stood to take the photo.

now, i feel safe in saying that this next photo will probably be my mother’s FAVORITEST PHOTO OF ALL TIME. it’s an old and rather run down barn that’s across from their house. she regularly likes to remind people that “the barns across the road are NOT ours”…but while they’re slowly falling into disrepair (and are slowly driving my mother insane), they make interesting photo subjects.

please note that this does NOT belong to my parents.

please note that this does NOT belong to my parents.

and here’s another shot of another run down barn. what can i say? it’s an epidemic. this one is a favorite of mine because it reminds me of something you might find in rural ireland. it’s no longer in use (at least i don’t think it is…i’m not going in there) but you can’t deny the old beat up door is pretty darn cool.

also does not belong to my parents.

also does not belong to my parents.

i mean, come on. you can’t make that character up.

and here we have yet another barn in disrepair. i liked the way you could see the fields and sky peeking through in various places in the photo, and i love the different textures of the wood and rusty roof. i wish the sky had been blue at this point, but it’s kind of nice how the sky flows into the slate shingles, too. i’ll have to give it another shot on a sunny day.

still not my parents'. i swear.

still not my parents'. i swear.

 and, finally, here is a barn that is NOT falling apart. please note the well maintained siding, the hand made bird houses, the nice red paint job…

guess who owns THIS barn!

guess who owns THIS barn!

yep, you got it: MY PARENTS.



  1. you are SUPERIOR than everyone else in the world in photography!!

  2. as in LAKE superior, i presume?

  3. it’s totally cool how your parents own all these barns!

    but they should really take better care of them.

  4. tell your mom to back away from the lighter…after all this press, she will now and for ever after be the prime suspect should these barns catch on fire one nite.

    I dont really blame her for being embarrassed that she married into a family that has allowed these barns to deteriorate like they have…poor soul.

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