Posted by: mrtweeds | October 20, 2008

recouping from rhinebeck

after a mere 3 years of talking about it, my friend kristi and i finally made the trip down to rhinebeck for the sheep and wool festival. holy moly, i had no idea what we were in for. there were sheep, there was wool, and there was so, so much more. there were trashy carnie rides, there was fried dough, there were people, people, people. there was more than i can even begin to explain.

the colors and textures of all the yarn and fiber kind of made me crazy. i wanted to both eat them and sleep on them because they looked so delicious and soft. is that weird? to want to eat and sleep on wool? i’m going to go ahead and assume that in this case it is not. but i have to warn you, if you feel like there’s a possibility that you will swoon, pass out, or even just feel light headed from wool overload, perhaps now is a good time to position yourself near something soft (and woolly?) to land on. because i have a whole lot of photos to share with you, and a whole lot of them involve wool.

let’s just start with this: the people. i had no idea just how crazy this would be. i mean, who KNEW there were so many people dedicated to wool? or maybe they were just out for a lovely autumnal day. either way, there were LOTS of people at the festival.

hey, has anybody seen any yarn? anybody?

hey, has anybody seen any yarn? anybody?

 and i mean a lot. you should have seen the line for the deep fried artichokes, never mind the home made chicken pot pie. i hear it was worth the wait, but we stuck to ye olde 4-h booth burgers and hot tea to warm our hands up (and burn our tongues on).

and the yarn, the yarn, the YARN! the hand painted, handspun yarn! bamboo, angora, silk, wool…you name it, they had it, and it was all so beautiful….

i mean, really.

i mean, really.

everywhere you looked, you were being attacked by beautiful yarn just asking for a home. in all honesty, i was more than tempted to just buy some to hang up in my studio. can’t i just have a rack like this to look at all the time?

don't you just want to reach out and touch it? i did. jealous?

don't you just want to reach out and touch them? i did. jealous?

and maybe a few color-coded cubes of skeins to boot…

and there was more where this came from.

and there was more where this came from.

 and i’m sorry, but i REALLY want a big basket of this to live next to my couch. again, not to actually knit anything with, just to have and pet:

wouldn't these make delicious pillows?

don't you just want to curl up with them?

 but of COURSE it’s not just about hoarding beautiful yarns, people actually take things one step further and actually KNIT things with them. everywhere you looked there were men, women, and children in wonderful handknit creations. i even got a few compliments on my pretty scarf. which i got at the gap. hey, i was honest and ‘fessed up, at least. but i was more than amazed at some of the things i saw people had created. this pattern and color combination i thought was particularly pretty:

show off

show off.

 but wait, there’s more! aside from the barns and barns of fiber and yarn, there were animals to look at too! this little guy was hanging out in one of the booths and i couldn’t resist his sweet little face. i was informed that he was 8 weeks old, as yet unnamed, and no, i couldn’t steal him:

i want one.

i want one.

 and you can’t have a sheep and wool festival without SHEEP, right? let’s just say they seemed to be having as much fun as their human counterparts.

she looks like she's having a good time too!

even the sheep love it here!

 doesn’t she just look like she’d be a fun sheep to have around? so happy, gabbing it up with her girlfriend…

and of course we couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather. okay, maybe a teensy bit warmer, but really, i’m not complaining. it probably helped numb the pain from carrying such a huge bag laden with yarn around on my poor shoulder. but the fairgrounds were in the full spirit of fall:

and the scenery was so pretty, too...

do you see the tree as half full, or half empty?

 and hey, i’m a sucker for those pretty leaves on the ground. they were just begging to be swished through.

a perfect day to tramp around in the leaves.

this pretty much sums it up.

 of course, we were pretty tired after our day of exploring and shopping. i must say, it takes a lot out of you! we did, however, manage better than some:

and some were simply overcome.

simply overcome.

 ah, rhinebeck. it was fun to see so much beautiful yarn and wool and be able to actually afford some of it, too boot (the prices were generally very good)! the ride down was gorgeous, we hit it before it got TOO crowded (even though we thought it was pretty much packed when we got there…o, so much to learn…) and we both had some good finds. and NEXT time we won’t talk about it for 3 years before actually going back (i hope)!


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