Posted by: mrtweeds | October 23, 2008

tidbits of life at flat hill farm: a photo journey

i have decided to document a few of the particulars of my life today, via my wonderful camera and this blog. this has nothing to do with the fact that i have a huge (undocumented) pile of laundry to put away, dishes to do, a house to clean, or children pleading to be taken care of. stop asking so many questions and enjoy.

 this is the apple that bug insisted on having for breakfast. it was thrown to the floor 3 times and apparently rolled in toast crumbs.

this is the applesauce that scout HAD TO HAVE for breakfast. it is currently residing in our refrigerator, barely touched.

this is our dog, already pathetic and beaten by 930 a.m. (est). he barely has the will to go on.

this is our cat, hiding from our children, trying his best to pretend that he is snoozing in a european cat spa on a down comforter instead of hiding in the office sleeping on an old quilt.  he is also annoyed that i am flashing a camera flash in his general vicinity.

this is the horse farm that is next to us. i like going out and listening to them train the horses on the harness track in the early morning. i do not like the reminder that i should probably also get some exercise.

this is what i find when i come back inside: my children using the new sink box as a slide and somehow still managing to cause chaos with a few pieces of cardboard.

this is what i see when i once again retreat outside, hoping things will be better when i go back in (and that the sink box will have somehow disappeared). a particularly orange tree and a particularly blue sky.

and this is what i see when i cry “uncle!” and turn on noggin, in an effort to drink my now cold cup of tea in some semblance of peace and quiet. you’d never know they were brother and sister, and you’d never know they were transfixed by the insanity that is yo gabba gabba.


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