Posted by: mrtweeds | October 28, 2008

dinner of the absurd

you know, you’d think with two young children and a relatively busy life i’d stop having time to notice these things, but apparently i’m very good at ignoring important issues (politics, health care, the economy, the environment, excessive wind…wait, what are these things? why am i typing these words? wha-where am i…?) and quite good at noticing the not so important things. such as the absolute absurdity of our family dinners.

i have to say, we’re pretty good about some things. i’ve expanded my healthy meal repertoire, we all eat at the same time around the dinner table with no outside distractions, but here’s the thing…we have more than enough distractions without the t.v., ipod, book, what have you, and generally our dinners are rather…absurd.  last night i documented it, and here’s how we started out:

a heartbroken bug. why was he heartbroken, you ask? was it because i put sharky, his favorite buddy and stuffed rat in the trash, swearing he’d never be seen or heard from again? was i poking him with sharp, pointy sticks? was i enjoying a delicious slice of apple pie, laughing maniacly because he wasn’t allowed?


we had the audacity to put our bowls of chicken and dumplings on the table before his (which was in the fridge cooling so he wouldn’t burn his tongue). the AUDACITY. we weren’t even touching (never mind eating) said bowls of food. but it was simply too much to bear.

and then we moved on to this:

pouty mcpoutsalot. i honestly don’t remember what she was pouting about, but i think it had something to do with the conflict in sierra leone. or maybe she just didn’t feel like eating her vegetables. but she whined a lot and it was ridiculous, since she likes chicken, she likes dumplings, and she likes everything in between.

and then:

this is a photograph of my husband, or, rather, his hand, while he was informing me that i was not helping matters with “that darn camera”. okay, he didn’t say “darn”. in fact he may not have been speaking to me at this point, i can’t remember. but one thing is for sure, and that is that i have no idea what he may or may not have been talking about.

i am a very helpful person.

as seen here:

i sat with egg carton goggles that molly made in preschool on my face for a good 5 minutes during dinner, and you know what? not one member of my family even blinked.

how absurd.



  1. With all due respect, when exactly do you look like you’re NOT wearing egg carton goggles?

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