Posted by: mrtweeds | November 5, 2008



and we DID!

i am so relieved, happy, and HOPEful right now. i feel like this country has been treading water in the middle of the ocean for the last 8 years and we’ve finally made it to land. and not only have we made it, but the natives are friendly and they have cable. that doesn’t mean that there isn’t hard work in store for us, that there won’t be disappointments, but right now i’m just enjoying the feel of dry land beneath my feet.

we stayed up and watched all the coverage last night and could not believe the number of people across the country who obviously felt the same happiness and excitement that we did. it was an amazing feeling to know that the MAJORITY of people in this country care enough to not only go out and vote, but care enough to gather and celebrate. i can only hope that the rest of the world sees this for what it is: the citizens of this country not just grumbling and being unhappy, but standing up and yelling “ENOUGH!” and making something happen.

scout woke up with a nightmare shortly before midnight and i brought her down to watch obama’s acceptance speech. she and bug went with me to vote and she insisted that she too voted for “rock obama”-mostly because she likes his name, i think, but i won’t be picky-and i figured that this occassion was more than important enough to lose a half hour’s sleep over.

she watched the speech (very excited that his daughters would be getting a puppy) and asked questions, but for the most part she was quietly taking it all in. and as i took her back to bed, eyes a little teary and a big grin on my face, she informed me “mama, i’m gonna be president someday too, so i need to practice my speech. i’m gonna practice every day so that i’ll be ready to give speeches just like rock obama. i want to be president like him.” and after i shut off her lights and tucked her in and closed the door behind me, we could hear her, practicing her speeches and getting ready.

i woke up this morning thankful not only that we had a decision, but that it was still, in fact, obama and nothing crazy changed overnight. it’s actually starting to sink in that it’s real. it seems too good to be true-that we actually did it.

and as i got molly and bug up to get ready for our day, molly told me about the dream she had last night:
“i dreamed that that man who’s president…rock obama…i dreamed that he was a superhero and that when he speeched fire came out of his mouth and every time he speeched a little fire would come out. and he flew up into the sky and he flew so high up into the sky that he got stars and he brought them down and then he shared them with all of us.”


at this point, i believe anything is possible.



  1. “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!” – brought to you by Kevin Garnett.

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