Posted by: mrtweeds | November 11, 2008

imperfections 2-the floor edition


one of the biggest blessings (and curses) of this house is the floor. my grandfather had the foresight to refinish the original floors when he bought the house way back when instead of just replacing them or covering them with linoleum, and most people aren’t lucky to have the original floor boards to walk on in their old farm houses. but we are lucky enough, and even though they’ve been beaten pretty much to hell and back, even though sometimes i’d like to have perfectly even floorboards, and even though sometimes they drive me nuts, at the end of the day there is definite beauty in walking on the same boards that people have been walking on since 1860.

one of the big downsides of the floors is that they’re heart pine, which, let’s face it, isn’t the most durable of material. but it’s made it this far, so i hope the wear and tear of our kids, cats, dog and the chaos that comes with all of the above doesn’t do it in. not on my watch, baby.

on the plus side, i don’t worry about the floor getting scratched up like i would if it was in pristine condition. because in this house one more scratch is certainly not going to show. and that’s pretty liberating.

this is my favorite bit of floor in the house. it’s the little landing before you get to the turn in our stairs.


look at that board on the right. it’s pretty impressive, isn’t it? it’s probably about a foot and a half wide, and the only one like it in the house. please also note the scratches from the cats tearing around the corner. remember what i said about the scratches? yeah. that’s what i tell myself so i can sleep at night.

and one other cool thing: it’s still being held together with the old, original square head nails. now that i love. when i’m crawling around on my hands and knees trying to find bug’s cup or scout’s princess book under the couch, believe it or not, i do pause and notice the handmade, square headed nails.


and i may or may not daydream about how whoever made those nails probably didn’t have to wear a princess crown and mismatched socks while they did it.




  1. Oh my goodness! Those floors are fantastic! Stunning!

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