Posted by: mrtweeds | November 18, 2008

a mother’s heartbreak: the first haircut story

that sounds like a lifetime movie, doesn’t it? it would probably star the mom from growing pains, or possibly one of the chicks from designing women. horribly miscast, but cast nonetheless.

anyway, last week bug faced a big rite of passage. now, there are plenty of rites of passage for a child (and a parent) to go through. the first time your child holds his head up on his own (in bug’s case 5 minutes after he was born), rolling over, crawling, walking, climbing (god in heaven, the climbing)…all of these are important and signal that your child is growing up. and you learn to embrace them even if they turn your life upside down (did i mention the climbing?).

but the first time your little baby boy gets his haircut? traumatizing.

i have to state this for the record: i don’t consider myself one of those coddling mothers who isn’t interested in letting her kids grow up. i’m really not. i miss the baby, but i also look forward (mostly) to the toddler and little person emerging.

but the haircut. i didn’t expect bug’s first haircut to bother me. scout’s didn’t. in fact, i was overjoyed to get rid of her mullet. she had a serious mullet, and i danced when it was gone. o yes, i danced.

but bug. he went from this overgrown and shaggy baby boy….


to this


all with a few quick and skilled snips of the scissors (not mine, by the way…no way). and all of a sudden that baby boy of mine turned into a little boy. as in a little kid. as in not a baby at all anymore.

and i have to be honest, that threw me bit. but once the royalties start flooding in from lifetime it will probably soften the blow a bit. now if only that delta burk would just get back to me….



  1. Aww, bug-a-boo. What a little boy. (Sorry, wrong answer, I know.) He looks so dashing.

    I hear ya on the mullet. It is currently the bane of my existence. Scarlett could have a cute Molly-esque bob, but no one will me let cut it. Hair’s still too thin and then she might lose the cute flip. Flip for mullet – fair trade in my book.

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