Posted by: mrtweeds | November 20, 2008

things i love thursday


this is bobby. he’s my stuffed beagle. he’s been my stuffed beagle since i was about two. before that he was my brother’s stuffed beagle, but he traded him for a teddy bear (sucker!).

bobby’s a bit worn in spots and has had numerous patch ups, but he doesn’t seem to mind. he didn’t even seem to mind when his smile wore off and had to be replaced or when his nose was chewed off by a cat (and recreated by me). if anything he seems happier the more worn he gets, because he has read “the velveteen rabbit” many times and it’s one of his favorites.

bobby has been to england, france, and ireland (twice). he dreams of going back someday, but for now he rests quietly on my bedroom sidetable, patiently awaiting his next adventure.  


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