Posted by: mrtweeds | November 21, 2008

we might have a problem

okay. i need to amend that statement. we definitely have a problem.

as a household with two english majors and bibliophiles i expect to have some books. i expect to have a suitable collection of books, even. but at this point…well, i’m worried.

i have no doubt that i am totally outnumbered in this house with this opinion, but i’m going to take this opportunity to let pictures speak louder than words. all those hideous, glorious words.

books are valid forms of decorations in this house, which i don’t necessarily have a problem with.


but sometimes i worry that things have been carried a little too far.


we don’t have a big house. we don’t have unlimited space.


we don’t even have floors capable of holding massive amounts of weight.


and shelf space? we keep running out of it. at an alarming rate. even the toy box has become a book box.


and i’ve resigned myself to the fact that our children are following in our footsteps as far as collecting books goes.


but this. this:


this is scout’s bed. and these piles of books keep appearing after every nap and every morning.

she’s literally sleeping surrounded by books on either side of her little 4 year old body. and considering she’s been reading since she was three and a half, i don’t think she’s going to let up any time soon.

and bug?


i think bug may be catching on.

if this book problem doesn’t get solved soon, i just may end up like poor yorick here.


and i’ll probably end up as a bookend too.



  1. I feel your pain. I see you’ve strategically laid books horizontally ON TOP of books which are vertical. Good maneuver. I’m currently two vertical rows deep in almost all of my bookshelves. It pains me to know that there are books I’m not reading BEHIND books I’m not reading. And don’t even get me started on Scarlett’s library.

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