Posted by: mrtweeds | December 3, 2008

girls vs. boys-the ultimate preference showdown!

i readily admit that life makes a fool of me on a regular basis, but when it comes to life with kids-well, let’s just say that i’m wearing a jester hat and bouncing around in front of the king 99% of the time.

i like to think i’m a fairly intelligent individual. granted, at this point i’m lucky if i can string a sentence together simply because i don’t sleep, but still. the brains are in there. i think.

but when i discovered that bug was going to be a boy and of course scout was already a girl, well, i, being the intelligent individual we’ve already discussed (work with me, okay? it’s the only thing that’s keeping me going) i thought “o my, silly society. girls only play with “girl toys” and boys only play with “boy toys” because that’s what people GIVE THEM. of COURSE they gravitate towards the stereotypical stuff after awhile.”

yeah. um, i was so, so wrong.

despite our every effort to keep things asexual, molly is so absolutely enamored with princesses it’s kind of disturbing. okay, it’s totally disturbing. it disturbs me. i admit it.


did you know that for awhile she was trying to insist that people call her “princess molly”? yeah, i squashed that pretty quickly.

o well, at least she likes to work in the woodshop. that’s something to hold on to on those cold and princess-filled nights.

and bug-well, if it has wheels, makes noise, or simply has the potential to destroy, then he’s on it. so when we got a shiny new vacuum cleaner, well! nothing could be better!


and seriously, a week and a half later he’s still wandering over to it, staring wistfully at it until it gets put to work.

although i must say, he did say “princess” the other day-and he does like to wear scout’s “jewels”-so maybe there’s hope after all?



  1. We just bought that exact vacuum two weeks ago. I kid you not. I wish I could say that Scarlett enjoys the vacuum as much as Bug does. She’s petrified of vacuums…but I guess that just kind of ties into the point of your post, huh? I mean, of course it does. That, unmistakably, was my intention.

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