Posted by: mrtweeds | December 11, 2008

things i love thursday


behold: my reading chair. don’t tell my husband (sorry, william), but in the afternoons when the kids are “napping” (read: bug’s asleep and scout is bouncing around her room reading and enacting plays for her stuffed animals’ benefit) i hide in this chair. it’s the best, especially with a pretty and nice smelling christmas tree twinkling next to it. it’s huge, it’s comfy, there’s a windowsill handy for a hot cup of tea, crumbs of vanilla wafers are easily swept off (much to the dog’s enjoyment), and it’s the perfect place to relax with a book. at the moment i’m devouring the “twilight” series, and my afternoons in my reading chair, though often interrupted to switch laundry, take things out of the oven, or change the cat litter that i had forgotten about, are still the highlight of my day.



  1. this looks so comfy. i want a tree. how do you keep finn from pulling it down? oh, and the “twilight” series is a fun read, isn’t it? courtney got me hooked on them. i am reading the series again for the 2nd time. i was always a sucker for vampires – loved me some Lost Boys.

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