Posted by: mrtweeds | December 19, 2008

thank you

i have to admit, i’ve had my scrooge moments this year. it seems like with thanksgiving so close to christmas there hasn’t been any breathing room, never mind any chance to prepare. so for the past few weeks i’ve felt like i’ve been playing catch up, despite all my efforts to get ahead before any sort of holiday (yes, even halloween) even occurred.

there are a lot of things that i get pretty tired of pretty quickly when it comes to the holidays, like dealing with scheduling changes for snow days/vacation (scrooge), the never ending task of getting christmas cards done and in the mail (scrooge), wandering the-gasp!-mall in an effort to get the last minute gifts despite trying to buy handmade/locally this year (major scrooge), figuring out travel plans (scroogey mc humbug) and then-i don’t even want to think about it-wrapping, wrapping, wrapping (scrooge ain’t got nothin’ on me).

 but there’s one thing that i have the luck of being able to experience on a daily basis makes me smile no matter how scroogey i may be feeling, and that is this:


it’s “the yellow house”, as all of us locals call it, and this photo does not even begin to do it justice. in fact, i’d like to apologize to the yellow house because this photograph doesn’t even come close to capturing the wonderful christmasy prettiness that it emanates.

this house sits right in the middle of town, directly across the street from the small park that would be our “green” if we were allowed to call ourselves new england. it was purchased a few years ago by a couple of lovely, older gentlemen because they just couldn’t pass up the setting. the story goes, they were passing through town one day, saw it, knocked on the door, and made an offer. seriously, that’s the story. it’s probably completely wrong, but we have it on pretty good authority that that’s how it happened.

and they come and stay for awhile during racing season and the holidays, usually, and you know they’re in residence because the flag is flying and the lights are on in the windows. and every year, without fail, they have the most beautiful holiday decorations you can imagine.

the two matching pine trees in front of their house twinkle like i’ve never thought possible (putting the town tree across the street pretty much to shame, but i have noticed that the town has tried to step it up a notch since they moved in), there are garlands of fresh greenery wrapped around the pillars on their side porch, even the two dog statues guarding their garage have jaunty little bows on their collars.

and i feel pretty confident in saying that everyone else in town finds the yellow house as beautiful as i do (or at least close to it). when the owners won the town decorating contest the first year (i’m pretty sure we haven’t bothered to have it since) they won the prize handily, and then of course gave the prize money back to the town, because that’s the type of people they are.

and so i’d like to thank the owners of the yellow house, who are certainly never going to come across my lowly blog (never mind this post), for helping the rest of us enjoy their home and the season with their pretty twinkly lights, their beautiful decorations, and their christmas spirit. it’s saved me from yelling “bah humbug” on many an occasion.


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