Posted by: mrtweeds | January 1, 2009

things i love thursday

happy new year, everyone! may 2009 be happy, healthy, and full of peace for each and every one of you.

we, of course,had a fabulous, exciting, and incredibly glamorous celebration ringing in the new year, but i’ll discuss that tomorrow. for now, back to the routine (because i am nothing if not driven by routine):


we’ve been lucky enough to have william home on vacation for the last week and a half, and while he is one of the things i love in general, i’ve also been able to enjoy one of his many amusing traits on a daily basis, which is the topic of this post. mostly because it gives me plenty of excuses to tease him. because i never have enough excuses to tease him.

um, moving on.

he has what i can only assume is the very specifically male talent of being able to pass out on the couch in a matter of seconds, preferably 3 minutes before the children are set to get up from their naps. this may not be only a man talent, but i don’t know of any women capable of being able to fall asleep so soundly so quickly and with such consistently poor timing (or is it excellent timing for him and poor timing for me? hmmm…). i also don’t know any women who wake up and insist despite strong physical evidence (see above) that they hadn’t been asleep in the first place.

but maybe i’m just hanging around with the wrong women.


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