Posted by: mrtweeds | January 6, 2009

playing in the tub/new year’s resolution

i rarely make resolutions for the new year, but this time around i decided that i should at least give it a shot. they’re nothing earth shattering, but one of them was to give myself a bit more time for creative pursuits. i’ve sort of fallen behind in that area lately.

and, because i take approximately a gazzillion photographs on a daily basis (estimated), i decided i need to pay more attention to those. sure, i pop the colors up a bit, take care of contrast etc if it needs it, but then i basically walk away. it’s gotten a bit too routine. so i vow-VOW-to pay more attention to my photographs, play with photoshop more, and see what happens.

like this:


 i love the washed out look (sorry, no pun intended) of the photo and the color i filtered in on the water. when this was pretty much a regular photograph of feet in a tub, now, i have to admit, i really love it.  

and a slightly warmer version:


pretty much the same idea, but after messing with the color curves this time around it really is a different feel. and i think i still love it.

maybe someday i’ll actually (gasp!) get a print of it and hang it somewhere…but that’s a whole other batch of resolutions, my friends, and i’m starting the new year with baby steps.



  1. Those photos are amazing!

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