Posted by: mrtweeds | January 14, 2009

dreamy molly

i’ve been playing around with ye olde photoshop elements and overlays with some of my new shots and i readily admit sometimes the simple shot is the best. but sometimes i’m not 100% sure which i like best. which can get confusing. but, since i’m not planning any major photography shows in the near future, i guess i really shouldn’t stress.

anyway, this is one of those shots. this was a shot demanded by molly as she lay on our “coffee table” (aka an old pine chest) while watching oswald. i love oswald. he’s such a cute blue octopus. i dream of someday having a dachshund named weinie, too, who follows me around in a little sweater. me and my dog weinie, off on adventures together all day long…


but back to my original point (yes, i did have one): i am offered photographic opportunities like this quite often, being told “this would make a good picture, mama. maybe you should take a picture of me like this, mama.” and so i took it:


i like the soft light of it, i like the soft sweater over the princess skirt, i like the big eyes. it’s a sweet photo.

but i also kind of like this one:


i think i prefer the original, but i also like how this one looks kind of reminiscent of an old illustration of a fairy tale princess. oh, she’s just laying there waiting for , nay dreaming of her prince.

and with a face like that, overlay or no overlay, i’m sure he’s on his way. and possibly named wienie.



  1. Ohhh…I love the second one (and the first one, but really love the second one) I actually had to do a double take because I thought you somehow Photoshopped Molly into a forest of birch trees (her skirt magically transformed into a birch tree). Love it!

    Oh…and you can so have my dachshund. Problem solved – dream answered.

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