Posted by: mrtweeds | January 16, 2009

lucky shot

i take a lot of pictures. you’ve probably figured that out by now. and because i take a lot of pictures it also means that i walk around with my camera quite a bit.  and, spontaneous person that i am, i like to walk up to someone who is unawares, whip my camera up, and, without looking in the view finder (or possibly even looking at what i’m aiming at), take a picture.

as you can imagine, i get mostly crappy results. but every so often, i get something cool:


oh, poor william. doesn’t he look defeated? don’t worry, he was just trying to ignore me. you see, at this point he’s pretty used to my guerrilla photography tendencies and he was fully anticipating (and exasperated with) my attack. but surprise of surprises, it actually was one of the rare instances that the photo not only captured what i was more or less aiming at, but came out pretty darn neat.

oh yeah, and that rainbow? that’s authentic, baby. i couldn’t have caught that if i tried…you know…to try.


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