Posted by: mrtweeds | January 20, 2009

stir crazy

i’m not sure if it was the extremely cold temperatures (significantly below zero with the wind chill), the surprisingly heavy snowfall we’ve gotten this winter (i’m not even going to bother to estimate), or just general ennui, but last week i was going completely stir crazy. it’s not even that i was unable to do what i really needed to, but sheesh! i just felt like i was stuck between the house walls and going nowhere!


i can’t think of another time i’ve had it so bad. i just wandered aimlessly, accomplishing nothing. i got the kids up, scout to school, people (and animals) fed…but that’s about it.


it was not a good time. and meanwhile, on top of the freezing cold temperatures (and occasionally freezing pipes), the snow kept coming. and coming. and coming.


it was a long week. and i’m sincerely hoping that the stir craziness is officially out of my blood, because considering it’s only january, it’s going to be a looong winter otherwise.

*overlay by vin60. a note about the overlays: i’ve been getting the overlays from various flickr groups, and i am admittedly totally naive when it comes to these things. i’m trying to link/give credit when the poster requests it, but if they don’t i’m not keeping track. just know that none of these overlays are mine, nor do i claim credit for them. if i’m stepping on any toes, please be assured that it’s completely unintentional, and i apologize! in the meantime, i encourage everyone to check out all the beautiful overlays and textures people have so generously posted and shared on flickr…there’s page after page of absolutely amazing stuff!


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