Posted by: mrtweeds | January 29, 2009

things i love thursday


for the record, i’d just like to point out that both of our children inherited my husband’s fine, perfectly straight hair. i had beautiful, blond curls when i was a baby. yes, i did. oh, complete strangers would oooh and aaaah over my beautiful, cherubic curls. but thanks to someone‘s genetic make up our children are cursed with ultra-fine hair that nothing can be done with aside from, well, combing it so that it hangs even straighter.


because, you see, after baths, bug’s hair can look like this. and i love it. we’ve actually started calling him edward (shout out, stephenie meyer!) during these times simply because it is so hilariously unkempt and yet…really cool looking. i feel fairly confident that when he reaches a certain age he will spend a large amount of money on hair products trying to once again capture this look. and honestly, who can blame him?

and i also have no doubt that i will egg him on, looking at him sadly and saying things like “when you were a baby and your hair was all crazy after a bath…i just loved that. now it’s just…just…so normal. but normal is fine, honey, really. girls probably like normal, don’t they? speaking of which, how is that nice girl who called here the other day, what was her name…?”

then again, he may just decide to have a buzz cut for the rest of eternity.


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