Posted by: mrtweeds | February 11, 2009


okay, i’m bringing it into high gear, people. my “post about spring and spring will happen” theory lost some ground yesterday with the cold, overcast weather, so today i’m bringing in the big guns: SUMMER.

that’s right, i said it. i’m going to do it. i am, i swear i am…


BAM! o yeah, that’s right. summer, sun, a day at the lake…but wait! i’m not done!


WA-CHAAAAAH! that’s a karate chop of summer, folks! o yeah!

just look at those blues! not the cold, shadowy blues of winter, of ice and snow, but of sun and sand and salt water and warmth…just feel the sun on your face, just FEEL IT!


i’m losing it, aren’t i?



  1. such little toes in the sand…

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