Posted by: mrtweeds | February 13, 2009

last hurrah (and you’re welcome)

well, folks we (and i do mean “i”) did it! this week in upstate ny has been warm(ish) and not hideously cold! in fact, the snow did not only NOT fall from the sky, and it actually MELTED from the ground!

but i have some bad news: this is the last post of the “spring comes in february” week, so be prepared for the return of freezing cold weather, nasty precipitation, and gigantic heating bills. sorry, folks, but you can’t fight mother nature off forever.

and so, to end the week on a nice, mellow, and warm note, here are some photos to send us off right:


layer courtesy of leahleaf


layer courtesy of rubyblossom

weeping willows growing aslant a brook, and sunny yellow sunflowers from a farmers’ market. it doesn’t get much happier (unless you’re ophelia, and in that case, well, it’s too late anyway) than that.

and while i’m at it, i hope everyone has a lovely valentine’s day tomorrow with lots of handmade hearts and meaningful moments (which may or may not center around nba all star weekend). and happy birthday, mom!



  1. All these spring pics make me want to go up to your farm and play in the fields with Molly and Finn

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