Posted by: mrtweeds | February 17, 2009

be mind

i can’t say as i’ve ever put much emphasis on valentine’s day. yes, i appreciate the reminder to the general population to tell people they love that, well, they love them, but i do that on a pretty regular basis anyway so when february 14th rolls around i usually just use it to remind myself that i had better not have forgotten my mom’s birthday the day before.

but as far as william goes, he’s much more of a romantic at heart (sorry, honey, the secret’s out). we’re talking cards:


we’re talking chocolate covered strawberries:


and we’re talking a kickass watch from red monkey:


yeah, it’s pretty kickass.

and while i didn’t get him strawberries, or a kickass watch, i did get him a card:


a card with a charm that says “be mind”. i mean, honestly, who can resist a typo imprinted on a silver heart sewn onto a lovely papyrus card?

not this lady. and i am so glad that william has agreed to be mind, even if he did roll his eyes when asked.



  1. holy crow – i want that watch.

  2. yes, that IS a kickass watch and I think that is the GREATEST typo I’ve ever seen!

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