Posted by: mrtweeds | February 20, 2009

going out with a whisper

…and a hacking cough…and a sneeze…and a sigh.

today is scout’s last official day of vacation, and what better way to spend it than sick, just like we’ve spent the last 3 weeks? and here i thought we’d have a respite, being away from the germ-filled clutches of 27 other preschoolers.

but no. when we should be coming up with exciting and fun projects to spend the last of our time off doing, we’ve been reduced to this:


please note the open mouth in order to breathe, the vacant, glassy eyed stare…


the red rimmed eyes, the desperate “i refuse to cough so i’ll hold it back” face, not even saying “deese!” when the camera flashes…

my recommendation? we’ve got a fevah, and the only cure is SPRING.

and more cowbell.



  1. I feel their pain (couch!) (sneeze…sigh*)

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