Posted by: mrtweeds | February 24, 2009

better late than never

as i stood in the kitchen last night making dinner, trying to figure out what i should post about today, i found myself out of ideas.

“uh-oh,” i thought. “that’s the end of the posting every weekday thing.”

and as i turned and started to wash the cutting board in the sink (we had white pizza, by the way), it hit me. i could post about a project i’ve been meaning to post about for, say, a few months now. wouldn’t that be a good idea?


so, here it is: my kitchen quote post.

when we redid the kitchen in the fall we had an empty space over the sink, under the cupboards. i’m not really one for empty spaces. they just seem so…empty. it took awhile, but eventually i found a quote and went to work:


as you can see, i found a font i liked and printed it out in the size i wanted. then i taped the cut out words on the wall to figure out placement. unfortunately some of the wall color came off when i peeled the paper off, but that’s easily remedied.

i took off the papers and eyed the lettering, free handing it onto the wall so i could paint it in. and when i was done (numerous hand cramps and back aches later, since i was bending over the sink…note to self, next time, paint wall BEFORE the sink unit is installed) it looked like this:


the house, heart, and trees came later…i’d left some extra space knowing i wanted something there, just not knowing what. it finally came to me a month or so ago, and then i felt stupid for not thinking of it sooner.


it came out just the way i (eventually) had it in  my head, and i couldn’t be happier with it. the hand cramps and back aches were totally worth it.

and you know, it honestly never fails to remind me of just how good i have it in this old house of ours.



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