Posted by: mrtweeds | February 25, 2009

tiny dancer


okay, so she’s not that tiny at this point, but it never fails to amuse me to see my four year old daughter dressed up in her dance outfit every tuesday afternoon. so pink, and a skirt so swirly. and for the record, this dance class, led by a wonderful woman i’ve known since i was a teenager, is so not the pink tutu and swirly type of dance class. it’s the “we’re going to make up a story and dance it” type of dance class. and these stories usually involve monsters, some sort of magic, lots of animals, and odd things like tape or hidden feathers or candy canes. the parents all get to come in and watch a performance at the end of class and see (and hear) that week’s story.

for example, yesterday we were treated to a story about a monster whose heart was broken and bats and rabbits and unicorns all tried to put it together. tape just fell off his heart. glue glopped off. finally, the monster’s heart was mended by coloring it with crayons and the monster was so happy he lay down and went to sleep after having a dance party with his friends.

hmmm, a monster laying down and quietly going to sleep? sounds like my kind of guy.



  1. That sounds like the coolest dance class ever…especially because you get to go in and watch the story every week. God…the dance classes around here lock the doors and cover the windows so parents can’t see all the pink and swirly that goes on in there (and it is pink and swirly that’s going on, not fun monster dance parties).
    And can I just say that as far as cuteness and sheer brilliance are concerned – Molly is so Scarlett’s role model.

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