Posted by: mrtweeds | March 2, 2009

oh, sharky…


hi. meet sharky. he’s a very important guy in our household. in fact, i’d say if he was able to bring home a paycheck of some sort, he’d probably be THE most important guy in our household.


you see, he’s bug’s best bud.

he’s been here since the beginning. actually, even before bug, picked out by scout and named sharky basically to frighten abba snyder, who had just confessed she was scared of sharks.

and so sharky was came home with us, where he sat patiently in bug’s soon to be crib and waited for him to arrive. he even came to the hospital and waited there, too. and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

i mean, you can’t argue the importance of the guy when “dar-dee” is one of the kid’s first words, long, long before he could be bothered to utter “mama”.


and i know these photos are probably a bit misleading, because it’s not just about sleeping. it’s everything. sharky comes on car rides with us, he is dragged around by the ear inside and outside, and most importantly, sharky comes to bed and keeps bug company.


we’ve been reduced to trying to come up with possible substitutions, should, god forbid, anything happen to sharky. had we known the importance he would hold in our son’s life, we would have picked up a spare, but really, even if we had another, it still wouldn’t be the same.


this is sharky and two, our closest relation. as you can see, sharky is just a bit worse for wear…the ear is apparently the tastiest bit of him, and bug insists on chewing on it at night or when he’s upset. two is still looking exceptionally soft and fluffy, and there’s a reason for that:
because as nice as a guy as two is, he ain’t no sharky.



  1. Isabel has “Puppy Blankie” or just “Puppy” for short. It’s a little square blanket no bigger than six inches around with a little puppy dog head in the center. Sounds odd but she LOVES puppy! Doesn’t sleep or really go anywhere without him. Once a random baby shower gift now a priceless part of Issie’s life. My sister has searched for anything like it on the off chance something would to happen to Puppy, but she has come up empty handed.

  2. i know exactly what kind of blanket you’re talking about! scout had a pink bear that she couldn’t have cared less about like that. i will now officially keep an eye out for any “puppy” options, since i know what it’s like to live in constant fear of losing something so important!

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