Posted by: mrtweeds | March 4, 2009

sweet! (bagz)

o, the meatbagz train is comin’, folks, and you’d better have your ticket in hand!


mack and i have been working on ideas and are hoping to do a few smaller craft shows this summer. we’ve gotten new energy towards our meatbagz: coming up with new designs, and we’ve even set up a facebook fan page. yes, we’re truly embracing the world of technology. we even invested in a kickass heat press, instead of counting on our irons and kitchen counter tops!


in any case, the meatbagz vibe has been very good to us lately…so imagine our excitement when we got a convo yesterday informing us that our cuts of artichoke bag had been featured on the blog etsy stalker!


seriously, how cool is that? i of course wasted time better taking care fo my children and looked through their collections and what can i say-they’ve got amazing taste. if you love etsy but don’t necessarily have all the time in the world to find every fabulous product, you should definitely check this site out.

and once again, thanks etsy stalker for including us!

*(also, please don’t steal any of these images and try to make your own meatbagz. trust me, they wouldn’t be the same.)


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