Posted by: mrtweeds | March 12, 2009

things i love thursday


this one’s a bit of a multilayered post, but this week there are many things i love:

i love the fact that my child makes these faces and poses in this way.

i love that i have a basic understanding of photoshop.

i love that the 80’s laser backgrounds of countless school portraits are available via the internet,

and i love that someday i will be able to publish said photo in the back of her senior year book congratulating her on her many achievements, this amazing portrait quite possibly being one of them.

hmm, maybe i’ll even take out a full page ad.

i’m sure she’ll appreciate it.



  1. Classic.
    (This was SO the background in my 5th grade school portrait. I’m not even kidding.)

  2. sadly, i can’t even begin to tell you how many fabulous, laser filled school portraits i have. i think my favorite was 2nd grade when i was wearing my “cool” florescent paint spattered, black and white checked overalls over my florescent paint splattered, black and white striped shirt. WITH the collar up, of course.

  3. I think that may be the BEST POST EVER!

  4. I thnik the laser background was the backdrop of every grade school photo day across the country. Everyone I know has at least one school pic with the lasers

  5. What the? I just fell out of my chair. When did she make that face?

  6. it was during a dance party at mack’s, of course.

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