Posted by: mrtweeds | March 13, 2009

a big headed bug

last year, when scout was a mere three and a half years old, i bought her this kickass hat:


i have a bit of a weakness for hats, you see, and this had the added bonus of being on sale at (the) kmart(s). so obviously i couldn’t resist.

but here’s the thing: the other day when we were getting ready to dash out the door and go to preschool, i decided that it was time to retire bug’s winter hat. if we want spring we have to think spring, after all. but since he insisted on wearing something on his head, i grabbed the first thing that i got my hands on, and that happened to be scout’s old hat.


and he looked totally, well, kickass in it.

except you need to stop for a minute. scroll back up and look at scout’s picture. now come back.

see the difference? yes, it is a bit bigger on bug’s head, but trust me when i say it fits. but here’s what you should be noticing: while scout is three and a half years old in the first photo, bug is 20 months old as of monday. except he apparently has a head comparable to the size of a three and a half year old’s.

i’m just left to assume that it’s chock full o’ brains, but seriously. i can hear his future classmates now: “hey, everybody, look at the big brain on bug!”


(layer courtesy of nesster)

let’s just hope he learns to have a healthy appreciation for kickass hats…they definitely distract from the big head thing.



  1. Not only do I love his hat but I LOVE LOVE LOVE his shirt. Kids are too cute. 🙂 Eric and I really liked the moping post the other day too!

  2. thanks! before you know it harry will be wearing kickass hats, superhero shirts, and moping too!

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